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An 18th century map of Brobdingnag.

Brobdingnag (IPA Pronunciation: [ˈbrɒbdɪŋˌnæg]) is a nation located on a continent-sized peninsula six thousand miles long and three thousand miles wide on the northwest coast of California. A range of volcanoes up to 30 miles high separates the country from North America. The capital of Brobdingnag is Lorbulgrud.

The people of Brobdingnag are giants. All of the other animals and plants are in proportion. The rats are the size of large dogs and the flies are the size of birds, for example. Fossil records show that the ancestors of the Brobdingnagians were once even larger. Brobdingnagian culture consists of history, poetry, mathematics and ethics; mathematics being a particular strength. Printing has been long known but libraries are relatively small. The Brobdingnagians favour a clear literary style. In the past, there were conflicts between the monarchy, nobility and people resulting in a number of civil wars ending in a treaty. The army of Brobdingnag is claimed to be large with 207,000 troops including 32,000 cavalry although the society has no known enemies.

Brobdingnag was discovered in 1703 by travel writer Captain Lemuel Gulliver.

In a letter by Lemuel Gulliver, it was stated that the actual spelling should be Brobdingrag, with an "r" instead of a "n".