Edison's conquest of Mars was an invasion of Mars by Earth, following the Martian invasion of Earth at the end of the nineteenth century. Shortly after the first Martian invasion forces had succumb to earthly illnesses and retreated from the planet, reports were made by astronomers of further activity on the surface of Mars suggesting that a second invasion attempt may take place.

At this time, a team of scientists consisting of William Thomson, Wilhelm Röntgen and Thomas A. Edison had been examining the Martian war engines, flying machines and Heat-Rays with the aim of discovering the sources of their power. Using undestroyed Atlantic cable communication, reports were spread throughout the world that Edison had discovered the source of the Martian heat-ray's powers and also a means of overcoming them. Edison went on to reverse engineer a flying machine and, following a test flight to the Moon, it was decided that the Earth should invade Mars by these means and destroy the Martians' ability to make war. [1][2]

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