Elizabeth Bennet was born in England in the late 1700's. She was a semi-prominent figure within her society and was noted to be rude and at times most peculiar. Her mother, father, and four sisters resided with her in Longbourne, the name of their family home.

Love LifeEdit

Elizabeth Bennet had not much of a love life until the age of one and twenty. She was proposed to twice; once by the like of Mr. Collins, who was in the clergy and a cousin, determined to allow the Bennet's estate to stay within the family, as Mr. Bennet deaded it to the male and not the female side of the lineage. Elizabeth, perhaps being foolish, declined this proposal. Mr. Collins did manage to procure a wife in her best aquaintaince, Charlotte Lucas. The second proposal in her year of one and twenty was by one Mr. Darcy. Denying any feelings for the man, she too rejected his seemingly idiotic proposal, as she found him too rude and proud to be of any use to her in society. However, she did manage to later find a love for Mr. Darcy after she helped her sister Lydia in a compromising position. She and Mr. Darcy later married and lived most good through the rest of their days from the information of her biographer, one miss Jane Austen.