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The Fiction Encyclopedia serves as a Wikia exploring the immense world of fiction. However it differs greatly from the Novelas and Literature Wikias in that it discusses the subject-matter using an in-universe perspective. The Fiction Encyclopedia also combines information and images from canonical and (if deemed appropriate) non-canonical work in order to endow each article with a sense of encyclopedic realism. The real mission of the Fiction Encyclopedia is to create articles on fictional people, places and species but to do so in an encyclopedic way and using encyclopedic prose.

Encyclopedic styleEdit

Articles on the Fiction Encyclopedia should strive toward a sense of encyclopedic realism. For example the land of Lilliput (as described in Johnathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels") ought to be described in the Fiction Encyclopedia as a country located in the South Indian Ocean, discovered in 1699 and neighbouring the country of Blefuscu.

Everything, it's history, culture, even it's longitude and latitude (as provided in some maps that accompany certain editions of "Gulliver's Travels") should be described in the Lilliput article of the Fiction Encyclopedia. By using canonical and non-canonical sources information and/or images not provided in the original text will appear in the Lilliput article; for example the national flag and crest shall be taken from one of the many film versions of Gulliver's Travels.

When dealing with individuals, reasons must be provided for their notoriety; Lemuel Gulliver would obviously have risen to fame for his discovery of numerous countries and islands. Victor Frankenstein would be acclaimed for his scientific discoveries etc.

Image guidelinesEdit


A photograph of Vito Corleone taken from Vol. 23 No. 115 of New York's Daily Mirror. An example of a realistic photograph of a fictional character.

Although it would be tempting in, say, an article concerning Vito Corleone to use an atmospheric screenshot from the film (perhaps the moment of his shooting) this would be inappropriate. As the Fiction Encyclopedia strives towards being realistic this image would not be appropriate.

Consider the following when uploading a photograph:

  • Does it look like a photograph of it's time?

It would obviously be inappropriate to upload a color photograph of a cast of characters whose story is set in the mid-1800s.

  • Does it look like a photograph?

A close-up of a character's face, terrified as he hangs over a precipice, would certainly be exciting but hardly realistic (Where did the photographer come from?). Question the realism of a photograph before adding it to an article. If no realistic image can be found, exaggerated images are acceptable.

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