The Chachapoyan Fertility Idol

The Chachapoyan Fertility Idol is a solid gold statue, six inches tall, representing the Chachapoyan goddess of fertility. The idol was hidden by the tribe's priests in a temple deep within the jungles of Peru. Braving the temple's deadly traps to stare into the idol's eyes became a rite of passage for young Chachapoyan warriors.


In 1935, Professor Forrestal, a Princeton archaeologist, disappeared in the Peruvian jungles in an attempt to recover the idol. The following year, Professor Henry Jones Jr., on commission from the National Museum and working from Forrestal's notes, managed to locate the temple and extract the statue. It was immediately stolen from Professor Jones by rogue archaeologist René Belloq. Belloq unloaded the artifact in Marrakesh, where it was later re-appropriated from the shop of an antiquities dealer.[1]

The National Museum celebrated the idol's arrival with a lavish banquet at the Diamond's Eye nightclub in New York City. During the celebration a band of angry Hovitos stole the idol from curator Marcus Brody and fled to the jungles of Brazil. Professor Jones gave chase, and after a confrontation with Xomec and a Nazi co-conspirator Ilsa Toht, reclaimed the idol for the museum.[2]


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