Howard's Hamburgers is a fast food restaurant started in July 15, 1936 by Howard Williamson in El Paso, Texas.

Early History 1936-1978 Edit

Howard started a one shop sit down restaurant, with him as manager, his son Elroy as cashier and his wife, Jenny as cook. The restaurant was so popular that Howard had to expand his hamburger restaurant. Howard expanded by adding another restaurant on the other side of El Paso. In 1957, when business was still running good, a man named James Smith took over the restaurant.

The takeover Edit

Howard and his family got $500,000 for the name. Smith transformed the sit down hamburger place to one of the first modern fast food restaurant. In 1959, Howard's Hamburgers was ready for business with franchises all around Texas. The Restaurant became very popular.

History 1960-2000 Edit

Howard's Hamburgers expanded to the whole Southwest United States and did very well until another fast food giant almost put them in bankruptcy in the late 1960's. McDonald's was another popular name and went out much further than Howard's Hamburgers. McDonald's was much popular than Howard's Hamburgers because of a bigger variety of food, which Howard's Hamburgers menu only featured Hamburgers, French Fries and Coke products. But Howard's Hamburgers added much more to their menu and got equal sales with McDonald's in 1975. In 1977, Howard's Hamburgers had more competition, Burger King, yet another restaurant. But, Howard's Hamburgers had much better sales, until Burger King increased portion sizes in 1984 and Howard's Hamburgers didn't know about Burger King until then, even though Burger King had been around much longer. In 1989, Howard's Hamburgers had expanded to the whole Southern United States. In 1994, Howard's Hamburgers had a menu of over 59 items and 16 drinks. Howard's Hamburgers had expanded to the whole United States in 1999. In 2000, Howard's Hamburgers has been the second largest and richest fast food restaurant, second only to McDonald's. Howard's Hamburgers was already in 15 countries in 2000.

Modern Times 2001-2008Edit

In 2001, Howard's Hamburgers was doing very well with $5,250,000,000 in revenue every year, until 2005 when Howard's Hamburgers got heavily criticized for having very fatty menu items, dirty bathrooms and cold food. . They have lost 4/5 of their customers and is the lowest fast food restaurant in 2007. In 2008, they have almost reached bankruptcy and is expected to go bankrupt in 2009.