Prolesec is a Newspeak term (derived from "Proletarian Section"). The Prolesec was a branch of the Oceanian Ministry of Truth in charge of providing "prolefeed": entertainment for the proles. This was usually accomplished via a wheeled lottery mechanism that would randomly combine plots, ideas, gender, and other themes.

There were separate departments dealing respectively with proletarian literature, music, drama, and entertainment. Prolesec also produced newspapers which were predominantly concerned with sport, crime, astrology and sexually explicit films. Most of the Prolsec's material was produced by a versificator, a machine capable of producing low-quality novels and other written works.

The sub-section Pornosec was concerned with the production of pornography. These pornographic works were sent out in sealed packages, as Party members were not permitted to view it (except for those employed in Pornosec.)

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